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This article outlines the main factors that should be considered in reviewing an indemnification provision.

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Remind your client that your insurance coverage is there to protect his or her interests as well as your own.

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What must an Indemnity Clause and When is Indemnity Required?

It should also indicate whether special coverages required by the contract have been included. The days of handshake agreements are disappearing; they may be gone entirely. Excess or Umbrella Liability policies.

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  • The contractual liability of contractual insurance is? The insurance or if you read more intermediate form indemnity provision must only exceptions to the employees. California case law has analyzed indemnity clauses as falling under these three classifications.

It recommends that states should holdvendors responsible for direct damages arising out of a contract; and that states should not holdvendors responsible for indirect damages liability unless responsibility is specifically allocated to the vendor in the contract.

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